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Water store equipment...

Aqua Blue offers a complete line of premium drinking water filtration products, from water bottles and coolers to the most high-tech Reverse Osmosis water purification systems. We carry residential and commercial water filters, water softeners, water bottles, dispensers, coolers, water vending machines, and much more!

Aqua Blue is a California based, experienced water conditioning company, licensed since 1990. Every day for the last 15 years we have been serving our customers all over the world for following projects and systems:

  • Reverse Osmosis water filtration
  • Water store design and development
  • Filtration system
  • Bottled water plant
  • Whole house water filtration system
  • Water Softening system
  • Hot and Cold water cooler
  • Ultraviolet Sterilizers
  • No salt water softener
  • Magnetizers
  • Water filters (GAC, Ag, Carbon and custom made)
  • Water conditioning system
  • Ozone system
  • Desalination system
  • Distillation units
  • Shower Filters


Now to better convenience our customers we have opened an online service including secure and safe ON LINE ORDERING
and Toll-Free telephone technical support


for assistance with technical and installation questions or concerns. By ordering on line and getting technical assistance you can do filter change and installation of many of water filters yourself and save up to 50%

Featured Products

Under the sink residential Dual Filter
Drinking Water System.
Plenty of quality drinking water at your sink.
5 micron sediment and GAC filters
Chrome Nickel faucet
Installation kit
One year warranty
$ 29.99 US Dollar

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