Water Coolers

Aqua Blue offers the complete range of water coolers to satisfy your needs.
1- Bottle less cooler and point of use coolers can be used with filtration system or Reverse Osmosis
2- Bottled water cooler is available in different shapes and colors.
3- Counter top cooler is a superb space saving water cooler that doesn’t need any floor space. It will fit on almost any counter.

Counter Top Cooler
Bottle less Hot and Cold W/Purification System. Large capacity H+C+C with RO

Bottled water
Break station system
in two models.

Deionization System

For small capacity but ultimate industrial quality our DI cartridge systems will provide you inexpensive and reliable processing water.
For large capacity and special application please fill out this form.

Twin Tank Water Softener

24 hours seven days a week commercial water softener.

For any special application please click here


By using the Desalination system you can convert sea water into drinking water. Most of Desalination + Reverse Osmosis systems are ready to go right out of the crate.
From a compact unit with a capacity of 200 GPD up to 50,000 GPD

Please call toll free 1-800-791-8657 or click here for more information.

Commercial and Industrial Reverse Osmosis

To see large capacity from 500GPD up to 50,000 GPD state of the art R.O. Systems please click here

Water Vending Systems & Kiosk

Ideal money maker machine inside or outside of your existing business.
Coin operator 24 hours seven days a week without attendance.
Kiosk unit individually would be your mini drinking water store.
We supply all technical blue prints and help you to get your approval from health department.

For your special needs and custom design Kiosk please

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Ozone Generators

Bottled Water Ozone System
With model 5-10 GPM you can set up your bottled water Ozone system with Recirculation and treated Holding tank.

A different criterion needs to be determined for this system, please call for technical specification and price.

CALL TOLL FREE: 1-800-791-8657

POE10 & POE15
Complete self-contained, single cell, skid-mounted CD ozone systems. This system is included with an ozone generator, injector, booster pump, vacuum break, contacting and venting. It also includes a time-delay feature that allows for adjustable ozone dosage control. Call for pricing: 1-800-791-8657

Ozone Output • POE 10: 1.3 grams/hr @ 4 SCFH (dry air) • POE 15: 2.8 grams/hr @ 7 SCFH (dry air)

• Height: 68" • Width: 29" • Depth: 29" • Weight: 200 lbs.

Reverse Osmosis

• Stainless steel multi stage pump
• Thin film composite membrane
• Capacity from 500-15,000 gallons per day

Our specialty is to design and build custom model Reverse Osmosis from medium to large capacity for all type of applications with a remarkably competitive price.

For more information p lease call:
Inside the US: 1-800-791-8657 
Outside of US: 1-310-791-8660

For more information please call 1-800-791-8657

Under the sink residential Dual Filter
Drinking Water System.
Plenty of quality drinking water at your sink.
5 micron sediment and GAC filters
Chrome Nickel faucet
Installation kit
One year warranty
$ 29.99 US Dollar

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