Residential Water Softener

Fact: With soft water, skin and hair can be rinsed more completely, making hair look shinier and skin, cleaner.
      -Water quality Association

Fact: Gas water heaters consume 30% more BTUs in hard water.
-New Mexico State University Research

Slightly hard water (1-3.5 grains per gallon)
Moderately hard water (3.5-7 grains per gallon)
Hard water (7-10.5 grains per gallon)
Fact: Up to 20% spent at the grocery store is for cleaning, laundry, bathing and personal care products. This can represent over $100/ month for an average family of four. These products must help to fight the impact of hard water.
      -Orange County, California Consumer Survey

Appliances will last longer.
Without the scale build up of hard water, washing machines, dishwashers, water heaters, humidifiers, and plumbing systems can last up to 30% longer.

Residential – Commercial – Industrial

Single Tank Water Softener
Fully automatic
Meter Type

• Time Clock
• Digital
• ¾" or 1"
• Stain-less steel Jacket
• By-Pass Valve

Cabinet Type Water Softener
Fully Automatic
Meter type

• Time Clock
• Digital
• ¾" or 1"
• By- Pass Valve

Twin Tank Water Softener
24/7 24 Hours a day 7 days a week
Constantly providing soft water in order to satisfy commercial users. Good for car washes, restaurants, boilers and industrial purposes

Water Hardness is responsible for many maintenance and process problems.

Commercial Applications

Large Capacity Commercial Water Softener

• Calendar Clock Initiation
• Electronic Control
• System Remote Monitoring

Call 1-800-791-8657 for Industrial Application

For water problems such as iron, sulfur, sediment, grease, color of water, bad taste, salty click here

Reverse Osmosis

Residential – Commercial – Industrial

Introducing the biggest innovation in home R.O. technology in
30 years.
GENERAL ELECTRIC, point of use Reverse Osmosis system

• Continuous flow of water production
• No storage tank required
• Up to 720 gallons a day
• New opportunity for commercial use

Aqua Blue’s highest quality Reverse Osmosis drinking water system in the water industry.

• NSF listed system
• Electronic quality control
• Smart tap faucet monitor
• Large capacity

Economy R.O. System
• 5 stages process
• T.F.C membrane
• 3 Gallon storage tank

Large capacity water cooler with Reverse Osmosis

• Hot, cold and room temperature
• Cook cold
• Quality Control Monitor
• Counter top model

Commercial Reverse Osmosis

• Stainless steel multi stage pump
• Thin film composite membrane
• Capacity from 500-15,000 gallons per day

For more information please call 1-800-791-8657

Under The Sink Water Filter

1. Single filter taste and odor unit
2. Dual sediment and carbon filtration
3. Dual UV and carbon filters

1. All units come with faucet and installation kit
2. Digital gallon meter for maintenance is available upon request

Shower Filters

New Standard Shower Filter
This new standard shower filter reduces free chlorine from the water. They’re different styles and colors to match your bathroom fixtures. Hand shower filter also available.

Whole House Water Treatment System

Based on water analysis of your home water the Whole House Water Treatment System will provide conditioned water for the entire house

1. Carbon + UV + Softener
2. Sediment + UV + GAC
3. RO + Softener

Ultra Violet System

Residential – Commercial – Industrial

Ultraviolet Water Sterilizer kills 99.9% of Bacteria and Virus. It is chemical Free, pure and natural like the Sun. UV destroys microorganism by disrupting their DNA.

Residential under the sink drinking water disinfection systems are:

• Single UV, flow rate 2GPM
• Double UV (UV and Carbon Filter)
• Triple UV (UV,GAC and Sediment)

Whole House UV-Systems includes three models:
Single-Double-Triple. Flow rate 8-10 GPM

For any potable water supplies application from small to large facilities depending on flow requirement and typical applications including water bottling plants, food industries, make up water for hospitals, cooling tower recirculation loops, please click here.

Heavy duty UV series features:
• Stainless steel
• View port for visual inspection
• NEMA 3R (modified) electrical enclosure
• Delivers 30,000 WSec/cm2 of 2537 A (254 nm)
UV energy at rated flow, at end of lamp life
• Heavy duty quartz jacket
• 9,000 hour lamp life (approx. 1 year) Low power consumption

Carbon Filtration

Counter Top Water System

Aqua Blue offers variety of counter top drinking water filters and dispensers.
Our small, medium and large filter systems are available to suit your families’ individual needs.
Counter top units not only save you money from purchasing expensive bottled water, but also save you the hassle of hauling and lifting heavy water bottles.

• One stage filtration
• Double filters
• Reverse Osmosis

Distillation System

Residential – Commercial

(From 5GPD with 3 gallon tank up to 45GPD with 75 gallon tank)
Designed with the busy consumer in mind, precision water system distillers will provide years of easy maintenance free convenience.

There are several models to choose from:
• Manual operation
• Automatic family size
• Small or large holding tank
• Commercial large capacity

Under the sink residential Dual Filter
Drinking Water System.
Plenty of quality drinking water at your sink.
5 micron sediment and GAC filters
Chrome Nickel faucet
Installation kit
One year warranty
$ 29.99 US Dollar

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