With more than 15 years experience in commercial water purification projects and building over 30 water stores we can help you to get your system up and  running and to get your store fully ready for customers.

Aqua Blue provides:
  • A complete line of water store equipment and parts.  
  • Custom design and turn key water store. 
  • Assembly, installation and preparation of your entire store.
  • Assistance to get your final approval of health department.
  • Architectural floor plan and professional design.
  • Financing program for all the equipment.
  • Complete line of water bottles, stands, crocks,  coolers and other accessories.
  • Ice machine.
  • Ozone generator.
  • Window water vending machine.
  • Fully automatic bottling plant.
  • On line order and international shipment.

  1. Find your location ASAP, the sooner the better in order to save money and time. Make a deal with landlord for possible free rent.
  2. Hire your water store builder contractor. This contractor must have water conditioning (C-55) license and plumbing(C-36) license to be able to get necessary permits and follow city and state's guidelines.
  3. Floor plan and architectural work.
  4. Select water store name and make your DBA.
  5. Apply your business license.
  6. Apply for your health department license.
  7. Final of electromechanical construction and approval from city.
  8. Final of water purification system, water analysis and approval from Health Dept.
  9. Make your final arrangement in store for ice machine, window water vending unit etc…
  10. Set up your inventory and start your successful business.

Some of Aqua Blue's Recently Built Water Stores:
  1. Water Store - Goodyear, Arizona
    4,800 GPD - 8 Dispensers including window water vending machine and purified ice maker.
  2. Water Store - Landover, Maryland
    4500 GPD - 6 dispensers, 2 piece compact system. EFA Fountain water Store including start up inventory.
  3. Large Capacity Water Store - San Jose, California
    Deluxe 5,000 GPD - 12 dispenser, 2 piece including window water vending machine.
  4. Medium Capacity Water Store - Pacoima, California
    3,500 GPD - 6 dispenser, operator control custom design, no back wall fill- station. El Mantial drinking Water.
  5. Water Store - Lomita, California
    3,000 GPD - 6 dispenser, economy system including window water vending machine.
  6. Water Store - Torrance, California
    3,000 GPD. 8 dispenser. Ceramic and glass block fill station. Super deluxe model.
  7. Water Store - Hawthorne, California
    3000 GPD. Crystal clear water store.
  8. Water & Ice Cream Store - Fontana, California
    3,000 GPD - 8 dispenser including window water vending machine and purified ice machine system.
  9. Water Store - Houston, Texas
    3,000 GPD.
  10. Combined Water & Liquor Store - Glendale, California
    Fully automatic coin mechanism system, no operator needed.
    2,000 GPD.
  11. Water Store - Inglewood, California
    3,000 GPD - window water vending machine,
  12. Water Store - N. Hollywood, California
    3,000 GPD Capacity - Including window water vending machine,
  13. Fred and More's LaundroMat & Water Store - N.Hollywood, CA
    1500 GPD.
  14. Water Store - California City Desert ,California
    3,000 GPD.
  15. Water Store - Nigeria Turnkey
    3,000 GPD.
  16. Water Store - Eagle Rock California
    3,000 GPD Capacity.
  17. Water Store - Harbor City, California
    3,000 GPD Capacity.
  18. Combined Water Store and Convenient Store - Rialto, California
    US-Mart 99 cent market.
    500 lb. purified ice machine system and one ozonated water dispenser included.
  19. International Pure Water Store - Oakland, California
    5000 GPD - 12 faucets fill two window water vending, and 500 lb/day purified ice.
    All partitions with glass included.
  20. Orange Hill Market Mini Water Store - City of Orange, California
    4-faucets and bottle rinser.

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Under the sink residential Dual Filter
Drinking Water System.
Plenty of quality drinking water at your sink.
5 micron sediment and GAC filters
Chrome Nickel faucet
Installation kit
One year warranty
$ 29.99 US Dollar

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