Broadway Convenient Store Testimonial

Drinking water station inside of my convenient store brings me extra income and more customers.
I sell drinking water, bottles, crocks etc.
It's already paid off by itself and I am very happy.

Broadway Liquor and Market
465 W. Broadway
Glendale CA 91204
(818) 243-1980


Crystal Clear Water Store Owner Testimonial

For me and my wife an idea of having our own water store became a goal of retirement.
Aqua Blue was our selected company to build our water store.
Aqua Blue provided us complete information with a reasonable price.
After signing a contract they even finished the job before the deadline.
They are professional and liscensed group.
They know all rules and regulation of city and health department regarding water store.
Aqua Blue's service and equipment are good and we are happy of their work.

Loy & Myrna Esguerra
Tel (310)970-9445

14205 Inglewood Ave.
Hawthorne, CA 90250


Orange Hill Market Owner Testimonial

In our convenience store behind the window we had about 12 square feet space.
We asked Aqua Blue to install this Mini Water Station at that spot.
Since we already had our establish walking customers we are selling good drinking water to customer.
We didn't do initial investment. We just pay part of our monthly income for payment of system.

Shagee Mathew - Owner


Under the sink residential Dual Filter
Drinking Water System.
Plenty of quality drinking water at your sink.
5 micron sediment and GAC filters
Chrome Nickel faucet
Installation kit
One year warranty
$ 29.99 US Dollar

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